My Resume/CV

My life’s passion is committed to unifying teams, cultures, and people by transforming the organizations and systems that govern us all. As a Management Consultant, my breadth of administrative experience affords me a unique perspective to effectively shape strategy, facilitate cross-departmental collaboration, and bring significant long-term positive impact to the performance of clients I service. Extensive international experience has resulted in a global understanding that allows me to bring together people from various walks of life and enjoy the benefits diversity can bring to a team. In my personal life, I love making that impact at the most foundational level by coaching individuals and families on practical life skills through my non-profit and volunteer work. I am constantly looking for new opportunities to join with people and organizations to expand that impact; especially in the way of strategic consulting, project management, and international opportunities.

Look through the resume pages and information below for more details about my experience. Please contact me with any potential opportunities or to see my official resume.

Consulting & Management

  1. 7+ Years Serving Leaders at All Levels as a Consultant & Management Professional
  2. Consulting Services Provided Include but not limited to: Strategy, Business Process Design, Corporate Acquisitions, Restructuring, Change Management, Team Building & Development
  3. 4 Years Work as an HR Professional
  4. SHRM Member since 2006; Leadership Experience; National, and Local Recognition
  5. BBA: Human Resources Management
  6. Skills Include: Recruiting, On-boarding, Orientation, Training & Development, Performance Management, Compensation & Benefits, OSHA & Safety, Employee Relations, Vendor Relations, Employee Separation
  7. 5+ Years Direct Customer Service
  8. Experience Complying with California State Law & Union Contracts

Technology & Design

  1. Generate, Propose and Implement Business Solutions for Globally Recognized Organizations
  2. Technological Solutions Provided Include but are not Limited to: Software Implementations & Upgrades, Project Management, Fit/Gap Analysis, Business Requirement Design, Configuration, Testing, Troubleshooting, Production Support
  3. Certified Oracle Consultant Since 2011
  4. BA: Minor Graphic Design
  5. View My Design Portfolio Under the 'Resume/CV & Design' Drop Down
  6. See 'Technological Expertise' for Full List of Applications & Modules


  1. Personal Financial Consulting to Individuals & Small Businesses Since 2008
  2. BBA: Finance
  3. Skills: Insurance, Compensation, Payroll, Benefits, Open Enrollment, Basic Accounting, Income Statements, Corporate Financials, Invoicing, Receivables & Payables

International Experience

  1. Lived & Worked Internationally
  2. Serve Numerous Global Clients
  3. Valid US Passport
  4. Willing to Travel
  5. Fluent English Skills
  6. Basic Spanish Skills
  7. Travel to 15+ Countries in 5 Continents
  8. Cross-Cultural Experience Living with Nationals from 8+ Countries
  9. See 'Global Experience' for More Details

What Clients are Saying

Nicole served as a mentor to new support specialists, coordinated activities with the HR teams, and acted as a project lead on multiple initiatives. Throughout her time with us we relied on her expertise and her consulting and HR experience to stay on top of system issues, project needs, and process improvements. While we needed her expertise, it was her adaptability that really helped us as we went through significant changes to our technology portfolio. Nicole exemplifies everything I expect from a hands-on consultant.

Jason Cox