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Voyageur’s articles are all developed by free-lance writers turned historians interested in studying the history of Northeast Wisconsin. Voyageur welcomes all submissions. Manuscripts are blind-reviewed by Voyageur's Editorial Committee and will be returned upon request. Authors will be notified within three months of submission whether a manuscript has been accepted for publication. Voyageur does not accept creative nonfiction or fictional accounts of people, places or events based on the historical record.
Below are the requirements for article submission.

Format & Length
Voyageur is produced on Macintosh computers using Microsoft Word. Authors are encouraged to submit their works on a zip disk and to specify the word-processing program used. Authors should also submit at least one typed or computer-processed, double-spaced copy of their manuscripts.
Manuscripts should be no longer than 5,000 words, not including notes and tables. Only with the author's approval, longer manuscripts may be edited down or split into parts as a multi-part series. Please indicate word count on your manuscript. Original manuscripts are preferred, although exceptions on occasion are made to publish in Voyageur previously published works if appropriate permission is given.

Use Chicago Manual of Style guidelines for all manuscripts. Do not use in-text references, i.e., (Weston, 1972). In ordinary text, whole numbers from one through ninety-nine are spelled out. However, when normally spelled numbers cluster in a sentence or paragraph, use figures. Use % instead of percent in reference to statistics; for rounded percentages write the words. Underline or italicize names of cities when using newspaper names, i.e., New York Times. More about Chicago Style.

Voyageur strongly urges endnotes and/or a bibliography or sources-consulted list to help readers evaluate information presented in a manuscript. More about Chicago Style.

Photos & Images
Voyageur also urges authors to submit images or photocopies of images that could be used with their text. Images may include photographs, drawings, maps, artwork, and reproductions of documents.

The use of headings is encouraged to organize information and to break up long blocks of text. First-level headings should be typed in bold and centered. Second-level headings, if used, should be flush left and typed in bold italic. Third-level headings, if used, should be flush left and typed in italic.

Please include an abstract of no more than 150 words summarizing your manuscript.

Deadline for manuscripts submitted to Voyageur are June 1st and November 1st of each year.

The contents of Voyageur are protected by copyright in the name of the Brown County Historical Society. Permission is freely granted by Voyageur and the Society for authors to have their submissions published elsewhere if proper credit is given to Voyageur.

It is not possible at this time for the nonprofit Voyageur to pay authors or other contributors for publishing their work. However, Voyageur does pay image reproduction fees.

If Your Manuscript is Accepted
Please submit images to accompany the story and include appropriate captions on a separate piece of paper. Also indicate the source of your images on the same sheet. Please write a 100-word biography and include a photograph of yourself (head shot).

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