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Meet Our Staff

It is Voyageur's dedicated staff of college professors, business people, designers, editors and volunteers that make sure that Voyageur will be in print for yet another issue.



  • Publisher
  • Sr. Art Director
  • Art Director
  • Main Editor
  • Special Editor
  • Review Editor
  • Web Designer
  • Office Assistant
  • Publishing Committee
  • Editorial Committee

Bill Miendl

Bill Meindl

Voyageur's first and only publisher since the position was created in 1986. His initial involvement with the magazine as a volunteer began in 1984. The post of Voyageur publisher became a full-time salaried position in 1996. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay with a bachelor's degree in history, Bill previously was a reporter for the Green Bay News-Chronicle . He has also worked as a historic preservation planner and public historian and in museum and historic house interpretation.

Jeff Benzow
Jeff Benzow
Jeff Benzow has been art-directing Voyageur since 1989 and is the second longest-serving member of the magazine's staff. He is an associate professor in communication and the arts at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Jeff computerized Voyageur's graphic layout when he arrived in 1989 and created and regularly teaches a course at UWGB in which senior-level graphic-arts students design each issue of the magazine. He has a bachelor's degree from UWGB and a Master's degree in fine arts from UW-Milwaukee.


Toni Damkoehler

Alternating as art director of Voyageur with Senior Art Director Jeff Benzow, Toni began with the magazine as a graphic-arts student at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay in 1989 and worked on the first issue of Voyageur designed electronically. Toni later received her bachelor's degree from UWGB and a Master's degree from UW-Milwaukee. She has art-directed several issues of Voyageur since 1998 and is currently an assistant professor of communication and the arts at UWGB, where she teaches graphic arts.

Victoria Goff

Victoria Goff

Editor of Voyageur since 1995 and is the longest serving editor in the magazine's history, Victoria is an associate professor in communication at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, where she teaches journalism and other writing and media courses and is the faculty adviser to the UWGB student newspaper, The Fourth Estate. Viki has also taught at the University of the Pacific. She has degrees from George Washington University and California State University-Los Angeles and has also attended the University of California-Los Angeles.

Andrew Kersten

Andrew Kersten

Editor of three Voyageur Teacher's Editions published in 2004, 2005 and 2006, Andrew teaches history at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Andrew received his B.A. in History from UW-Madison and his M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Cincinnati. He is the author of Race, Jobs, and the War: The FEPC in the Midwest, 1941-1946 and Labor's Home Front: The American Federation of Labor during World War II and coeditor of Politics and Progress: The State and American Society since 1865.

Kerry Trask

Kerry Trask

As Review Editor, Kerry is responsible for soliciting and editing book and video reviews for the magazine. He teaches history at the University of Wisconsin-Manitowoc. A native of Ontario, Canada, Kerry earned his B.A. in history from Hamline University in St. Paul and his M.A. and Ph.D. in history from the University of Minnesota. He has written three books: In the Pursuit of Shadows: Massachusetts Millennialism and the Seven Years War, The Fire Within: A Civil War Narrative from Wisconsin, and Black Hawk: The Battle for the Heart of America.

Chad Peters

Chad Peters

He is a 1999 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, with a bachelor's degree in communications and the arts. Born and raised in Green Bay, Chad is a Pre-press Graphic Designer with Printron in Neenah. He designed Voyageur's original website in 1999 and also designed an overhaul of the site in 2001. While a student at UWGB, Chad worked on page layout for the Winter/Spring 1999 issue of Voyageur and helped design the issue's cover, featuring a Menominee warrior.

Jean BachJean Bach

Voyageur's part-time Office Assistant. The rural New Franken resident has attended Green Bay East High School and Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. Before arriving at Voyageur in 2004, Jean was employed as a supply manager and mailroom clerk at a Green Bay area company. Jean works in the Voyageur office on the UW-Green Bay campus from 8 a.m. to noon, weekdays. She processes mail, fulfills magazine orders, does subscription data entry, assists with bulk mailings, and handles telephone calls and correspondence.

Publishing Committee

A nine-member Publishing Committee assists the publisher with Voyageur's business management, including budgeting, finances, production, advertising, circulation, marketing and publicity. It meets quarterly. Members are Nancy Anderson, Mark Bartels, Randy Connour, Mike Hoeft, Martin Holden, Ruth Homrighaus, Tony La Luzerne, Terry Misfeldt and Mark Steuer.

Editorial Committee

A twenty-member Editorial Committee assists the editor with Voyageur's editorial management, including the screening and editing of manuscripts, proofreading articles, finding images and soliciting authors. It meets three times a year. Members are Debra Anderson, Jeff Ash, Cletus Delvaux, Jacqueline Frank, Mark Harris, Mary Jane Herber, Scott Hildebrand, Trevor Jones, Andrew Kersten, Carl Krog, Richard Londo, Thelma McLester, Timothy Nixon, Dean O'Brien, Margaret Rawlings, Della Rucker, Steven Sheehan, Janet Speth, Kerry Trask and David Voelker.